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07 / 2007
Vybrali pro vás: TR - Tomáš Rosa, JP - Jaroslav Pinkava, PV - Pavel Vondruška, VK - Vlastimil Klíma

Phishing a pharming - přehled a základní pravidla obrany

Michael Mullins - po stručném úvodu formuluje čtyři základní pravidla preventivního chování:
  • Rule 1: Stop clicking links in e-mails that direct you to your bank or a financial institution. Stop filling out forms sent to you by your bank or financial institution. If you want to visit the site to see if you need to confirm/update/verify your account, open up a browser and type the link or retrieve it from your favorites.
  • Rule 2: If you suspect an e-mail is part of a phishing scheme, report it. Report it to the financial institution, the FTC (http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft/), and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (http://www.ic3.gov/).
  • Rule 3: Update your browser, your antivirus software, and any other security software. The latest versions of such software have phishing filters that detect attempts and warn you if it suspects you've surfed to a site that isn't legitimate.
  • Rule 4: Stop using public computers to access private information. Internet kiosks at hotels and other business are convenient but often have Trojans and keyloggers installed that collect and transmit your information to the criminals. Access personal and financial information only from a computer you trust to be free from these evils.
Zdroj: http://www.builderau.com.au/strategy/architecture/soa/Phishing-and-pharming-101-Protect-your-identity/0,339028264,339280429,00.htm
Autor: JP

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