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06 / 2010
Vybrali pro vás: TR - Tomáš Rosa, JP - Jaroslav Pinkava, PV - Pavel Vondruška, VK - Vlastimil Klíma

NIST vydal: Draft NIST Interagency Report (IR) 7622, Piloting Supply Chain Risk Management Practices for Federal Information Systems

It is intended to provide a wide array of practices that when implemented will help mitigate supply chain risk. It is our intent that organizations begin to pilot the activities and the practices contained in this document and provide feedback on the practicality, feasibility, cost, challenges, and successes. This is the first step in a much larger initiative of developing a comprehensive approach to managing supply chain risks.
Zdroj: http://csrc.ncsl.nist.gov/publications/drafts/nistir-7622/draft-nistir-7622.pdf
Autor: JP

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